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 On Jumat, 13 Desember 2013  

Asus Company has a good reputation since in a long time ago because of the quality of the product which is offering a better quality and the price. By having this Laptop, you will get an experience that you never get it before. No one ever doubts that Asus is ones of the best products in technology especially for net book, notebook and laptop. And this kind of product offers high specification in system and the hardware, it can be working so hard in processing your demand in operating many application and also program.  So, what are you waiting for? Buying this product and you will get your better new experience by having ASUS A53Z-AS61 as well.

Review about ASUS A53Z-AS61
I'm a computer nerd and hardware junkie so in a very short time I've already made numerous changes and have experimented. I'm always amused by the critical comments regarding computers. I'm sure some are genuine and in those cases you usually have the option to return the unit if it does not meet your expectations.

I think a lot of the problems that people have are user error or not taking the time to learn what you actually bought. One in particular with this laptop is the sensitivity of the touch pad. You CAN adjust the sensitivity, however, it's embedded far into the menu structure of the mouse/touchpad app in the control panel.

There are some issues to be sure, but are no different than what you will find common with most computers you purchase. One is you don't need that can hinder the performance of your computer. You must methodically uninstall the excess once you determine what you don't need. What is difficult is it's time consuming, but required if your aim is to use an efficient machine.

The one issue I find alarming is having to accept the Microsoft agreement to install the Bing Bar during setup. Luckily you can uninstall it afterwards with no consequence. I also did try a live version of Linux and it seems to work fine for those interested in another OS.

Be aware there are no backup discs for the operating system, so you must create them on your own. I was glad I had an two options to either create images files or burn disc on the spot. You will need 4 DVD discs to make your copies!
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ASUS A53Z-AS61 Reviews 4.5 5 Amin Elhan Jumat, 13 Desember 2013 Asus Company has a good reputation since in a long time ago because of the quality of the product which is offering a better quality an...

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  1. I ordered this laptop and it was quite well packed in a huge box with massive amount of padding. Out of the box, it runs like a charm, fast and no issues whatsoever. It is NOT a gaming laptop, but you are able to play games on it like Starcraft 2 or league of legends on lower settings.

    The Windows Experience Index results are...
    Processor : 6.7
    Memory(RAM): 5.9
    Graphics: 4.5
    Gaming Graphics: 6.1
    Primary Hard Disk: 5.9

    It plays HD videos quite well, obviously as it should...

    Pros: Fast, cheap, best for the price, HDMI, USB3, Bright LED screen, easily upgradable to 8GB RAM, Large HDD, 1 year accidental warranty.

    Cons: Speakers are a bit quiet, low resolution, I do not like the touchpad's functionalities for scrolling and zooming, which uses 2 fingers like apple products.

    I HIGHLY recommend this laptop. I will update the review if anything goes wrong with it or I ever have any problems

  2. Laptop feels solid, keypad feels very robust. I love that this model comes with usb3 support. I have no intention of running demanding 3d games on this laptop but it runs my productivity tasks very very well. the bloatware that comes with it slows it down so i will have to format this machine eventually. Overall, this is a great laptop, its quad core, 750 GB hard drive and the radeon graphics rns hd videos effortlessly. i highly recommend it.

    Oh and the "ice cool" feature really works. my laptop is not burning my hands, its very cool

  3. Its been almost a year since I bought this modestly priced machine, having got near Black Friday/ Cyber Monday and I dont think I can be happier with it even still. It's perfect for schooling and gaming alike.
    I'll start with the deliver, it came very neatly and protectively wrapped and I started it up and allowed it to install its OS and Updates. That went off fine. The model I bought actually had a defective HDD (Hard drive) so I had to send it back for another one, but they had a new one on my doorstep withing 5 days!

    The 15.6 inch HD display always looks good, I play HD movies on it all the time and its pretty to look at.
    The AMD A6-3420 APU with ATI Radeon HD 6520GB graphics card was one of the real selling points for me. It's not the best by any means, but it's still one of the beastly features of this machine. I usually do any gaming on my consoles but I have more games on here such as Minecaft, TF2, MW2, and it runs all of them at 60 FPS (Frames Per Second) without a problem. I look forward to pushing the limit of it and seeing how it does.
    The keyboard and touchpad mouse are great, all though I would prefer a more textured touchpad and soft-click right and left click buttons, this one is still responsive.
    One issue that I have had is with the sound. While the speakers are more or less customizable with the sound software that ASUS has pre-loaded onto the computer, the speakers could still be louder in my opinion. I've seen HP's with louder speakers.
    Also regarding the sound, sometimes after removing my headphones from their designated jack, the on-board speakers go quiet. Sometimes I was able to just put them back in and take them back out to solve the issue, but other times I had to restart the machine..
    So in the end, as a pretty standard consumer, I absolutely still love this computer to death. The HDD Size, the Graphics card and processor, the screen, everything about it (except for the sound, on occasion) just makes this ideal for me, as I'm not a huge PC Gamer, I'm not a business man, but this guy does everything I ever ask of it.
    I would definitely recommend. GO ASUS