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 On Sabtu, 14 Desember 2013  

The new Transformer Book T100 turns your mobile lifestyle with a 2-in-1-ultraportable design and an amazing 11 hours of battery life, will never tie you down. On the one hand, it is a performance notebook with an Intel Atom-Bay Trail-T Z3740 Quad-Core processor and Microsoft Office 2013 Home & Student pre-installed, the big productivity. On the other hand, it is a 10.1-inch HD touch-screen display that works as a stand-alone Windows-8.1-tablet for all your entertainment needs.

What people say about ASUS Transformer Book T100TA ?
Exactly what I expected - I was looking for a larger tablet than my first generation Kindle. I prefer the full website experience over the mobile sites and the Kindle's 7" screen is just a little too small for that. I also wanted something that I could use in a pinch as a possible substitute for my older laptop. I considered other operating systems, but it is unclear whether Amazon Prime Instant Video runs under Android or Windows RT natively without going through hoops, so to be safe, I settled on Windows 8.1. I wanted a tablet first with an option to be an ultraportable second. I didn't want to spend $800+ on a more expensive/feature rich tablet, nor did I want a similarly priced tablet sans keyboard or MS Office and with the previous generation processor.
What I expected 
I was well aware that, at this price point, concessions would need to be made as compared to a more expensive unit (I would have liked a full 1080p display or more RAM). I read the reviews and was attracted to the newer, faster z3740 processor vs. the z2760 that most other Windows tablets use. I also expected a relatively speedy unit, on par with my larger, clunkier 4 1/2-year-old laptop, which was a beast in its day. 
Setup and use 
As others have mentioned, the first thing I would suggest would be to let the battery charge for a bit prior to use. I was so eager to play with it that the setup wouldn't complete, as the battery would drain too quickly. After a few failed attempts, I set it aside and impatiently waited about 15 minutes for it to charge. By then, it charged to 13%, after which it would steadily charge even during use. Setup took a while, as I ran all the updates and synced to my Windows 8.1 desktop and SkyDrive.I've been using it for the past three days and so far it runs perfectly. It is very quick. I have no qualms about the performance. I have not experienced any of the BSODs or problems others have mentioned. I've been installing apps and getting used to the modern interface and have been using those apps rather than the desktop when I can, just to familiarize myself with navigating the interface. For these apps, the touch screen is a lot more efficient than a keyboard and trackpad.
Pet peeves/problems 
As others have mentioned, the keyboard is very light. It's not super cheap and I doubt most people would have a problem with it. It is on the small size, but that was expected. My one real complaint is that the trackpad is not as responsive as I would like. But it's not too detrimental, as my priority is for it to be a tablet first.The second and more minor grip is that the screen seems to be bright or dim depending on which modern interface app I use. For example, if I have the Kindle app on the left and mail on the right, when the Kindle app is in focus, the screen is bright, but as soon as I tap the mail app, the screen dims. It was probably caused by some setting that I fiddled with; I'm sure that I'll stumble across it again eventually. 
This is exactly what I expected and exactly what I wanted. I am very happy with the price and have no reservations about recommending this product, other than to suggest that you don't pay more than retail for it.

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ASUS Transformer Book T100TA Reviews 4.5 5 Amin Elhan Sabtu, 14 Desember 2013 The new Transformer Book T100 turns your mobile lifestyle with a 2-in-1-ultraportable design and an amazing 11 hours of battery life, w...

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